Take A Hike Foundation, Vancouver

Take a Hike’s mission is to empower at-risk youth through adventure-based learning, academics and community involvement.  In addition to classroom learning, Take A Hike students participate in weekly outdoor activities as well as multi-day camping expeditions.  This September the Strachan Hartley Legacy Foundation funded a 10 day expedition for the senior class and a 3 day expedition for the junior class.  For some of these students it was the first time they were exposed to outdoor activities of this nature.  As this was the first trip of the year it was also integral to student bonding and to building up relationships and trust between students and staff alike.  The Take A Hike staff have found that this year’s group of kids is the strongest group they’ve had so far and this is in part thanks to the strong foundation built on the success of the September expedition that the SHLF funded.  Take A Hike also uses emotional behaviour testing, attendance rates and graduation rates year after to year to measure the success of their program.  The results have been increasingly positive and as a result Take A Hike is currently conducting research in order to expand their program into a new community.  The SHLF is proud to contribute to such a successful and innovative educational model.