Streetfront Update



Streetfront won the annual Vancouver Alternative Schools volleyball tournament. All schools send one strong team but Streetfront has so many keen kids they sent two teams - STREET and FRONT. They were the youngest teams in the tournament but they practiced hard and actually placed 1st and 3rd. They beat two senior programs to get those spots. The kids were very excited about their success.

As the students neared Christmas break they participated in rock climbing at Cliffhanger which pushed the students in a whole different direction. They brought 2010 to a close with a movie day and then a big Christmas celebration potluck. The students had to make a dish with someone from their family and bring it in encouraging the kids to work with their family to create something special. The students also put their money together to buy John, a homeless friend to Streetfront, some gifts. John comes to Streetfront’s portable daily to collect cans and talk with everyone. Streetfront bought him some great raingear and some merino wool socks. John was thrilled with their generosity.


Streetfront youth on the Hollyburn Trail up Cypress 

Streetfront started 2011 with numerous snowshoe trips on Mount Seymour and Strachan Mountain. They also had a great snowboarding trip at Mount Seymour. On this trip students built upon their past experiences and performed very well.

Students then headed out to Cypress for their winter camping trip. They stayed at the boy scouts’ cabin and students snowshoed in with all their gear. Activities included snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, back country activities and snow cave building. The weather was fantastic and the kids had a great time.



Rise and shine! On the first day of Spring Break all students went for a 10k run rather than sleep in.


Streetfront students have been training for the Vancouver marathon. As always happens, the second marathon proves to be very difficult for many students as they know what is required to complete the task and struggle to find the inner strength to do it again. That being said, of the 10 students who went to Seattle, 9 are expected to run the Vancouver marathon.  This is an achievement Streetfront is very proud of.

Streetfront boys have been involved in a great new initiative called Yo' Bro's. It was started by Joe Caladino, who is a recovering addict and former gang member.  Joe is trying to provide real-life mentorship to at-risk youth. The program runs two times a week minimum.  During one after school session they boys practice Ju Jitsu and/or Mixed Martial Arts. The other session is during school and reaches the boys through a myriad ways. It has been a great success and the impact has been palpable.

Coming up Streetfront is planning a big canoe trip, a couple of back country trips, and climbing trips.


Special Profile - Zach Lattie

Zach is a Grade 10 student who has struggled in school all his life. When Trevor was filling in for the Principal he had to take Zach out of one class by force. He came to Streetfront in September. Zach was 240 lbs, angry and frustrated with how his schooling was going. Zach and Trevor hit it off instantly and he is becoming one of the most special kids Trevor has ever met. The first time he heard of the marathons he claimed, to much derision, that he was going to run a half marathon before the year's end. At that time, he could not run the four blocks to the first light. 

This photo is of Zach, 8 kilometers into one of his three 10 kilometer runs per week. He will be running the half marathon and will show everyone that if you set your mind to it, you can do what others say you can't. He's already dropped 25 lbs and has a C+ average.