How is SHLF making a difference?

The Strachan Hartley Legacy Foundation recently took the time to evaluate the impact our grants are having on the organizations we support. The findings were inspiring. Below is a summary.

SHLF is proud to announce a further $40,000 in granting for 2013/2014 thanks to the tireless efforts of our volunteers and generosity of our donors, bringing the total to $240,000 since 2007. 

SHLF is proud to announce a further $40,000 in 2014 grants, bringing our total giving to $280,000. Thanks to our amazing supporters, dozens more youth will experience major life transformations this year. 

Your Donations at Work - Spring 2013 Update. Running marathons, playing basketball, hiking, kayaking, graduating and changing lives thanks to YOU!

Tis the season to feel warm and fuzzy! We have updates from our fantastic partners that should leave you feeling great about the contributions you have made to Making a Difference in the lives of youth who need it! 

Read here for an update on where your donations have gone this year. 

As SHLF continues to grow, our impact on the communities we serve continues to deepen. Read about youth who are able to experience organized sport for the first time ever in their neighbourhood, the launch of a special 'Friday' school for at-risk middle school kids and more.

Read updates about the inspirational work of our amazing partners. Youth are getting stronger and better equipped for the future everyday because of YOU! 

Read more about where your donations are going. SHLF is run 100% by volunteers. Every dollar given goes to supporting these programs and Making a Difference. Prepare to be inspired!


1st Quarter, 2011. Volleyball, rock climbing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, marathon training, Ju Jitsu and canoeing - find out how Streetfront students have been keeping very busy!

1st Quarter, 2011. From moonlight snowshoeing and sleeping in snow caves, to serving meals in Vancouver's downtown food shelters, Take a Hike's adventure-based learning helps youth develop self-directed goals, trust, communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills.

First ever SHLF Youth Basketball Tournament took place March 12-13 in NDG, Montreal

How do you quantify the changes someone experiences when camping for the first time, the transforming effect that finishing a marathon has on a 14 year highschool drop-out or the lessons imparted by male role models for a kid who has none?

Take a Hike’s mission is to empower at-risk youth through adventure-based learning, academics and community involvement. In addition to classroom learning, Take A Hike students participate in weekly outdoor activities as well as multi-day camping expeditions.

Streetfront provides disadvantaged youth with an opportunity to reengage with the larger educational structure through building up the students’ self-concept. Streetfront students gain confidence through daily PE lessons, regular long-distance runs and outdoor activities.

This is a two week summer camp intended to improve literacy abilities and cooperative interactions of young at-risk inner-city boys. The program embeds literacy development in activities meaningful to the boys in order to increase reading levels and give them a head-start on the upcoming school year.

L’Athlétique d’Haïti is a youth development program that uses sports, education and nutrition to serve the disenfranchised youth of the Cité Soleil and Bel Air slums of Port-au-Prince. Today, 1,500 boys and girls participate in this after school program.