Bouncing Boys Back to Books, Montreal

Bouncing Boys Back to Books is a two week summer camp intended to improve literacy abilities and cooperative interactions of young at-risk inner-city boys.  The program embeds literacy development in activities meaningful to the boys in order to increase reading levels and give students a head-start on the upcoming school year.  Sports are used to build students’ self-esteem and team-building skills.  Bouncing Boys Back to Books has used SHLF funding to provide daily bus transportation making the program accessible to a much wider range of children.  Bouncing Boy Back to Books also used SHLF funding to:

» Pay the salaries of the basketball coaches

» Go on a field trip to the Olympic Stadium

» Buy each student a book of their choice at a local book store

» Buy basketball jerseys

» Pay for a portion of the nutrition activities budget

As a result of the program parents, teachers and the kids have reported significant positive changes in the boys’ confidence and ability including reading awards and fewer trips to the principal’s office!  The program has been such a success that it is over-subscribed however SHLF funds have allowed the number of participants in the program to increase.